USB To Headphone Jack Female Enjoy Premium Quality

Many computer headphones are constructed with integrated USB connections, instead of standard 3.5 mm cable. This feature helps you to connect multiple headphones to the computer, simultaneously. If you are dealing with an old computer, you may observe that the system does not contain built-in USB connections. If you have a USB headphone set, you need to convert a female jack to fit a USB data cable. Let’s discover that how to connect USB to Headphone Jack Female. There are few important steps to follow, while making connections.

1. Plug a 3.5 mm cable into the line-out jack, integrated on the computer.

2. Now insert the other end of cable into line-in jack.

3. Connect the female end of the USB female to female cable onto the USB port of the adaptor.

4. Connect the port on the USB cable.

This will develop a flowing connection between the line out jack and your USB headphones. There are various designs of Female USB audio jack. Let’s figure out some amazing features of these sets.

power USB To Headphone Jack Female Enjoy Premium Quality

Female USB to Audio Jack:

It features 3.5 mm audio plug cable.
It possesses high audio sense.
Length can be customized upon your requirements.
It offers plug and play convenience.
It is easy to set-up with a phone covered in a shell.
It is highly compatible with MAC, PC, HTC, iPhone etc.
It is covered with metallic braid and Mylar foil to avoid EM/RF interference.
It features twisted pair wire to ensure consistent data transmission.
Its working temperature ranges from -25 to +850 degrees centigrade.

Universal Female USB to Audio Adaptor:
The material used in copper and is available in black color.
It ensures good quality with elegant appearance.
It has the tendency to convert UK, US, AU, EU plugs with universal sockets.
This is the reason; it is used in more than 150 countries.
It makes sure that you will not need any other adaptor.
It is compact in size.
The self contained elements eliminate the tangle of conventional adaptors.
It provides extreme comfort.
It has safety shutter to protect against electric shock.

Mini UAB to 3.5 MM Female Jack Audio Cable:
The PVC material is used in its construction, with Nickel plating.
It is available in black color.
 It ensures high quality.
It is available in electronic stores at factory price.
Its operating temperature range is -20 to + 80 degrees centigrade.
This product has been exported to Europe, America, Middle East and other parts of the universe.
Its length can be extended upon your requirements.

Hot! Mini USB to 3.5 mm Female Jack Audio Cable:
It ensures high quality material along with Nickel plating.
It has high durability.
Its operating temperature range is -20 to + 80 degrees centigrade.
It offers clarity of sound.

These were few USB to Headphone Jack Female models with dynamic features. So, keep enjoying the advanced technologies.

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